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TFL Power Rankings Week One

TFL Power Rankings Week One

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — One week of games is in the book for the Triumph Football League! With a small sample size available some big observations are plain to see for some of the teams in the TFL.

Some of the teams the Southern Sports Network thought would be in the cellar, might have a puncher’s chance of making the playoffs. On the flip side, some teams once thought playoff contenders looked down right dreadful in the opening week of league play!

Without further ado, here are the week one power rankings!

10. Jonesboro Gladiators (0-0) -1

The Gladiators had the week off. Jonesboro will start the season on the road against the Arkansas Boltz, who also sat idle this week. Will the Gladiators be ready to play? They will have to be as the team faces a potential playoff team in the Boltz.

Next Game: @ Arkansas Boltz (0-0) 3/20

9. North Texas Rams (0-1) -1

The Rams started the season off on the wrong foot. North Texas in its first TFL contest didn’t even finish the game, as it was abandoned after the third quarter. The reigning TFL Champion Dallas Bulldogs made quick work of the Rams winning 18-0. The Rams will have a week off to regroup and prepare for the Arkansas Silverbacks, as the team will certainly hope to be more competitive in week three.

Next Game: @ Arkansas Silverbacks (0-1) 3/27

8. Arkansas Silverbacks (0-1) -4

The Silverbacks flat out laid an egg in week one, and the team isn’t afraid to admit it. Is this a one week occurrence or the start of a startling trend for this former TFL runner-up? The road to the playoffs won’t get any easier in week two as the Silverbacks will pack back up and hit the road to Shreveport to take on a Knights team that is flying under the radar early in 2021.

Next Game: @ Shreveport Knights (0-0) 3/20

7. Shreveport Knights (0-0) -2

The Knights are ready to play in 2021, using week one to get ready for the rest of the season. It will interesting to see what Shreveport has in terms of talent, being one of the quieter squads going into the season. It is time for the Knights to make their presence known in the TFL.

Next Game: Arkansas Silverbacks (0-1) 3/20

6. Ouachita Reapers (0-1) +4

Well, well, well…seems the Reapers look legit in 2021. Ouachita showed up ready to play and gave the Xtra all they wanted in the season opener. Ultimately the Reapers came up just short in overtime, but made a giant leap from 2019. This team will be in contention for one of the three playoff spots in the Black Division come June!

Next Game: @ Arkansas Boltz (0-0) 3/27

5. Arkansas Xtra (1-0) +1

The Xtra played like a playoff squad in the overtime thriller against the Ouachita Reapers, doing just enough to leave Waldron with the victory, 20-14. Arkansas should be riding a high into the team’s week two game against the Arkansas Punishers (0-0). A victory in that game will set the Xtra up for a run for the Black Division crown at the end of the regular season!

Next Game: Arkansas Punishers (0-0) 3/20

4. Arkansas Boltz (0-0) -2

Once again COVID-19 remains undefeated. The most anticipated game of the week got postponed to the end of the season, which could have major playoff implications. In the meantime, the Boltz should still be a strong team and playoff contender as the team gets ready for week two.

Next Game: Jonesboro Gladiators (0-0) 3/20

3. Arkansas Punishers (0-0) -2

Like the Boltz, the cancelation of the Punishers’ game shouldn’t negatively the team’s standing in the power rankings. The Punishers and Boltz should still be two of the best teams in the league, but that could change on any given Saturday and send either team tumbling down the order.

Next Game: @ Arkansas Xtra (1-0) 3/20

2. NETX Dragons (1-0) +5

Apart from the Reapers, the Dragons were the biggest surprise of week one in the TFL! The preseason prediction that this team wouldn’t be a lock for the playoffs looks like it could be a miss-step as the Dragons are ready to play. NETX will get their metal tested in week two as they take on a Bulldogs team intent on returning to the title game.

Next Game: Dallas Bulldogs (1-0) 3/20

1. Dallas Bulldogs (1-0) +2

That didn’t take long! In one week Dallas has shown why they are one of the favorites to win it all in 2021 with the three quarter domination of the North Texas Rams (0-1). This is a team that looks locked in and ready to defend its TFL Championship. The Bulldogs will be an exciting team to watch!

Next Game: @ NETX Dragons (1-0) 3/20

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Terry Jordan

    March 14, 2021 at 4:39 am

    Wild first week.

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