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Semi-Pro Broadcasts

Welcome to the Southern Sports Network’s Semi-Pro Football Library!

You can go back to 2017 and view the hard-hitting action from the genesis of SSN back when it was called the Springdale Sports Network! Or fast-forward to the present day and catch up on the current season’s excitement!


Tahlequah Vipers vs. Arkansas Punishers, Preseason, 1/16/21


Wichita Skyhawks vs. Tulsa Gators, 4SFL Semifinals, 8/1/20

OKC Titans vs. Tulsa Gators, 4SFL Quarterfinals, 7/25/20

Wichita Skyhawks vs. Tulsa Gators, 6/27/20

NWA Generals vs. Tulsa Gators, 6/20/20

Joplin Crusaders vs. Tahlequah Vipers, 6/13/20

DFW Diablos vs. Tahlequah Vipers, Preseason, 2/8/20


Tri-City Panthers vs. Tulsa Gators, 4/27/19

Central Arkansas Eagles vs. NWA Battle, 4/13/19

Arkansas Hawks vs. NWA Battle, 3/23/19

Sedalia Stampede vs. NWA Battle, 3/9/19

Kansas Cougars vs. NWA Battle, 3/2/19


NWA Battle vs. Kansas Cougars, 5/12/18

OKC Bulls vs. NWA Battle, 4/7/18

Tri-City Panthers vs. NWA Battle, 3/17/18


NWA Battle vs. Tri-City Panthers, CFL Championship Game, 6/17/17

Joplin Crusaders vs. NWA Battle, CFL Divisional Round, 6/10/17



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