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TFL Power Rankings Pre-Season

TFL Power Rankings Pre-Season

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — With the start of the Triumph Football League season a few weeks away let’s take a look at how the teams fall in the inaugural power rankings for the TFL!

These rankings will look at the league as a whole and will not be broken down by division.

Check back each week to see who is headed toward the number one spot and who is tumbling down the order into the cellar!

10. Ouachita Reapers

The Reapers in 2019 went winless in TFL play. Based on this, Ouachita has a lot of work ahead of them in 2021. If there is some growth in this team, the Reapers are could be trending out of last place.

Next Game: @ Arkansas Xtra (0-0)

9. Jonesboro Gladiators

Jonesboro has some work to do within the division. This team is behind the Boltz, Punishers and Xtra, but can pick ground on them with some competitive outings this spring.

Next Game: @ Arkansas Boltz (0-0) 3/20

8. North Texas Rams

The Rams are a bit of a wild card this season. North Texas will be competing in its first year. Normally, a team’s first season has a lot of growing pains which could keep the Rams mired in the cellar in 2021.

Next Game: @ Dallas Bulldogs (0-0)

7. NETX Dragons

The other first-year team from Texas has put in the work in the off-season to get up to game speed for 2021. Look for the Dragons to be fairly competitive from the start, but not quite good enough to be a lock for the playoffs.

Next Game: Arkansas Silverbacks (0-0)

6. Arkansas Xtra

The Xtra mark the dividing line in the TFL. Everyone from here on has a legitimate chance at a run to the title game in Little Rock, Arkansas. This team, as of now, has the smallest window to make the championship game, but should be a good bet for the postseason regardless.

Next Game: Ouachita Reapers (0-0)

5. Shreveport Knights

Shreveport comes into 2021 trying to rekindle the energy of 2019, where the Knights were in the think of it in the TFL. Look for Shreveport to be in contention for the Red Division crown.

Next Game: Arkansas Silverbacks (0-0) 3/20

4. Arkansas Silverbacks

The Arkansas Silverbacks will be in the hunt for a Red Division title in 2021. Pat Patterson and company have one goal this year, win the championship. In 2019 the Silverbacks were a game away from the trophy against the Dallas Bulldogs, in 2021 the two will division foes battling it out.

Next Game: @ NETX Dragons (0-0)

3. Dallas Bulldogs

Dallas won it all in 2019, will they be able to do it again in 2021? The road to War Memorial should be fairly smooth, apart from the two contests against the Arkansas Silverbacks. The winner of the division should come from one of those two teams.

Next Game: North Texas Rams (0-0)

2. Arkansas Boltz

The last time the Boltz played, the team was a part of the 4SFL! In that season, the Boltz went all the way to the title game against the OKC Bears. This organization is put together from top to bottom and should be a favorite to win the Black Division! The first game of the season should be a great indicator of what this team has, and you can watch only on the Southern Sports Network!

Next Game: @ Arkansas Punishers (0-0)

1. Arkansas Punishers

Yes, it is official, the Southern Sports Network has bought the hype surrounding the new “superteam” in the 501. Head coach Justin Bowie has brought in some very high-caliber players to compete right away. Everyone will find out how good the Punishers are in week one as they play the Boltz on the Southern Sports Network!

Next Game: Arkansas Boltz (0-0)

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