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4SFL Power Rankings Week Two

4SFL Power Rankings Week Two

BENTONVILLE, Ark. —Two weeks in the books and a fifth of the season in the books, the contenders and pretenders are starting to shape up! Every team will be idle this week as the 4SFL observes the Easter weekend. The league will resume action on April 10th!

In the spirit of Easter, joining each ranking this week, we’ll tell you what type of Easter candy each team is most like through two weeks!

8. ArkLa Ravens (2-2) -1

The Ravens have struggled mightily through the first two games of the season, getting outscored 103 to 30! The team will need to use the Easter break to make some serious improvements to the defense as the reigning champion Bears come to town!

Easter Candy: Black licorice jelly beans best describe the Ravens, as they are widely viewed as disappointing, but people who like them think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Next Game: OKC Bears (4-0) 4/10

7. NWA Generals (2-2) +1

Well, it seems it might be a bit of the same song second verse for the Generals, who are for the second year in a row scoreless through the first portion of the season. This Generals team is head and shoulders above the team they fielded in 2020, but it just goes to show how competitive this league is where an improved team still can’t score!

Easter Candy: The Generals would be malt chocolate robin eggs because well they’ve laid an egg in the score column to this point…

Next Game: Joplin Crusaders (2-0) 4/10

6. Joplin Crusaders (2-0) -1

Is there anything to say about the Crusaders? The sample size of zero makes this incredibly hard to get a gauge on where they are in the league. Only time will tell what Joplin has, as the rest of the league awaits the Crusaders’ first game.

Easter Candy: The Crusaders are like Easter corn, just an average candy that if you didn’t know about it you wouldn’t even know existed.

Next Game: @ NWA Generals (2-2) 4/10

5. Tahlequah Vipers (3-1) +1

Are the Vipers for real? The defense seems to be legit after pitching a shutout and forcing an Easter basket-sized number of turnovers against the Generals in week two. The Vipers head into this Easter break the hottest team in the league and riding the most momentum, but can they sustain it? If Devin White can stay healthy at the quarterback, this team could surprise some people.

Easter Candy: Tahlequah’s team is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. The perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter mirrors how the offense and defense for the Vipers are complementing each other on the field.

Next Game: @ Wichita Skyhawks (3-0) 4/10

4. Tulsa Gators (3-1) -2

The Gators once again came home empty-handed against their big brother. The OKC Bears now have a five-game winning streak against the team in T-Town. By no means are the Gators out of contention for the championship, but the road just got harder. In their current position, Tulsa can’t afford another loss or they could run the risk of missing out on one of the top four seeds.

Easter Candy: The Cadbury Caramel Egg best describes the plight of the Tulsa Gators. The caramel egg is a really solid candy, but unfortunately, there are better options out there, like the traditional crème egg that is way more popular and successful.

Next Game: Joplin Crusaders (2-0) 4/17

3. Muskogee Stars (3-0) +1

The Stars rolled in a game they were supposed to win. Through the first five weeks, the Stars will only be playing two games, so we don’t really know if they’re as good as they believe they are. The league will find out real quick as the next playable game on Muskogee’s schedule is the against the Bears!

Easter Candy: The Stars are like Peeps, they look good but don’t have any real substance and you always seem to have more of them than you end up wanting.

Next Game: OKC Bears (4-0) 4/17

2. Wichita Skyhawks (3-0) +1

The Skyhawks had the week off after rolling through the Generals in week one. How good are these Skyhawks? This team is normally dynamite at home, but down the stretch, Wichita will play some key games on the road that will determine their playoff seed.

Easter Candy: The best candy for Wichita would be a chocolate surprise egg. This team has a chance of being a surprise in the 4SFL!

Next Game: Tahlequah Vipers (3-1) 4/10

1. OKC Bears (4-0)

The Bears remain supreme…honestly how many different ways can we say the Bears are one of the greatest teams of all-time? They added to their legacy with a fifth-straight win over their closet rival, the Tulsa Gators, and went back to first place in the standings. Long live the Kings, I guess.

Easter Candy: Simply put, the Bears are a chocolate-covered bunny, the best Easter candy ever invented.

Next Game: @ ArkLa Ravens (2-2) 4/10

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