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4SFL Power Rankings Week Four

4SFL Power Rankings Week Four

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — After the week off from the Easter holiday, the 4SFL got back in action and there was some seismic movement in the standings!

It seems the mid-pack is way tighter than first thought and that there isn’t a defined number two in this league behind the OKC Bears.

Let’s get into this week’s rankings!

8. ArkLa Ravens (2-3)

It is hard to see any positives for this team as the Ravens continue to circle the drain after giving up another blowout loss. The only hope the Ravens have left on the schedule if they last that long, is ArkLa’s week eight contest against the Generals.

Next Game: @ Wichita Skyhawks (3-1) 4/17

7. NWA Generals (2-3)

In a rare bit of good news, the NWA Generals hosted its first home game in team history in week four, and even scored points! Ultimately, the Generals fell 11-points short of the Crusaders, but the growth is visible with the G-Unit! NWA will not be in action this week, as their game against the Bison was already counted as a forfeit victory!

Next Game: OKC Bears (5-0) 4/24

6. Joplin Crusaders (3-0)

Finally, the truth is out on the Crusaders! It seems this team is very young and inexperienced, which might explain why the Crusaders were only able to put up 20 points on a Generals’s defense that was giving up 32 points per game. This team isn’t a cellar dweller, but it doesn’t seem they will be much higher than mid-pack in 2021.

Next Game: @ Tulsa Gators (3-1) 4/17

5. Tulsa Gators (3-1) -1

Tulsa has had a couple of weeks to lick its wounds and get back into the hunt. The Gators’ week five contest is a must-win if this team wants to sniff hosting a playoff game in 2021. The Gators got their loss out of the way early, now they just have to focus on winning the rest of the way.

Next Game: Joplin Crusaders (3-0) 4/17

4. Wichita Skyhawks (3-1) -2

Wichita did not live up to the hype in week four, losing at home to the Vipers 17-10. Will this hiccup be a one-time occurrence, or is this a warning sign of something larger? Either way, the Skyhawks will have a “get right” game in week five against the Ravens to restore momentum!

Next Game: ArkLa Ravens (2-3) 4/17

3. Tahlequah Vipers (4-1) +2

WOW! This Vipers team did something in week four that doesn’t happen often! Tahlequah went on the road to take care of business against the Skyhawks, and keep themselves within touching distance of the two seed. The way this team is playing, don’t be surprised if one side of the playoff bracket will run through Doc Wadley Stadium.

Next Game: ArkLa Ravens (2-3) 5/1

2. Muskogee Stars (3-0)

Muskogee didn’t hit the field in week four, but I am sure they focused on the massive task ahead of them in week five. In a former life, this team was known as the Monstars, and frankly, Mike Jacobs and company have built a team to come after this league’s Michael Jordan: Kevin Cox and the OKC Bears. This game should be a classic on the Southern Sports Network this weekend!

Next Game: OKC Bears (5-0) 4/17

1. OKC Bears (5-0)

How good are the Bears? Well, after week four’s road victory over the Ravens, OKC has already clinched a winning season! This weekend will be the biggest challenge of the season for the Bears as they go on the road to face off against the (Mon)Stars. Kevin Cox and company hope this game ends the same way Space Jam did and move on to the next challenger!

Next Game: @ Muskogee Stars (3-0) 4/17

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